Time To Man Up with Nikita Koloff - Courage Series #14

Five time world champion wrestler and Founder of It’s Time To Man Up podcast, radio show, and tv show, Nikita Koloff, joins the show to talk about the importance of manhood in an emasculate society. 

To learn more about Mr.Koloff's ministry, go to

Understanding The Threat with John Guandolo - Courage Series #13

Founder and President of Understanding The Threat, John Guandolo, joined the show to expose America's enemies within and how to defeat them. Communists and Muslims come in all different shapes and sizes and have united in this one goal-- to take down America. The threat is dangerous and upon us. But we can prevail if we get trained and engaged in our local communities. Do you understand the threat in your community?

Courage Series #12 - General Boykin, Defeating Marxism 

Retired American Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin joined Lions Awaken and shared a military perspective on how to identify and neutralize America’s biggest domestic threat. General Boykin highlights how vital moral courage is in taking down this enemy. Do you understand the threat?

Courage Series #11 (Part 2)
David & Aaron Bradford,
Preserving America's Heritage

In part 2 of this interview we discuss the importance of God in government, significance of courage, and the 1620 Experience. To learn more about the Bradfords mini-series documentary go to

Courage Series #11 (Part 1)
David & Aaron Bradford,
Preserving America's Heritage

David and Aaron Bradford, 13th and 14th generation direct descendants of William Bradford, joined Lions Awaken to share the rich and true heritage of America and what we can learn from the pilgrims.

Courage Series #10 - Willie Jordaan, From Apartheid to Marxism

Willie Jordaan shares what the current state is like in his home country of South Africa and the devastating condition Marxism has left it in. He also shares some personal experiences he has had in pre and post apartheid and what his views are towards the political and cultural crisis we see South Africa in. 

Courage Series #9 - Diana Scimone, Child Trafficking 

Founder and President of Born2Fly International, Diana Scimone, joins Caleb on Lions Awaken to expose the evils of child trafficking that are happening all around the world.  In this video, Caleb and Diana's discussion, along with Diana's story, will educate and challenge you to take action against the evil God has called you to destroy. To get more informed, involved, or support Diana's work, go to

Courage Series #8 - Larry Byrd, Righteousness in Politics

Larry Byrd is an Oak Initiative chapter leader in Fort Mill SC. Mr. Byrd is a very politically active leader in his community, and he believes righteous and courageous leadership is the solution to the corruption and perversion currently plaguing our government and school systems. Join us as we get controversial.

Courage Series #7 - Cory Havanka

Cory Havanka, a courageous Canadian, shares a word from the Lord regarding the North American Church as well as what's going on politically and spiritually in Canada today. Check it out!

Courage Series #6 - Vann Ellison

Vann R. Ellison was the former President and CEO of St. Matthew’s House. Ellison has appeared on numerous television and radio programs as an expert in issues on hunger, homelessness, human trafficking, and drug addiction. Listen in as Vann talks about an important tactic the military uses in response to uncertain or dangerous situations. He also discusses the need for courage in todays world and how we as Christians have an advantage because we have the Holy Spirit within us.

Courage Series #5 - Brad Cummings (Part 2)

Take a look at our part 2 conversation with Brad Cummings, where we discuss the undiscussable!

Courage Series #5 - Brad Cummings (Part 1)

Brad is the CEO of Windblown Media, and Shiloh Road Publishers. He is one of the co-writers and publisher of the #1 NY Times bestselling novel, The Shack, which has sold over 18 million copies. He also produced "The Shack" movie. He also served as the General Editor for The Founders' Bible. In this video Brad discusses the shack, Founders bible, courage (why its in short supply), Gen z politics, the definition of freedom, abortion, the intent of the founding fathers and much more! 

Courage Series #4 - Nicholas Papanicolaou

In this video Mr. Papanicolaou talks about the history of The Order of St. John (Knight's of Malta), the courage they displayed against Islam, the Order's role now in modern times, Islam's incompatibility with Western values, and much more.

Courage Series #3 - Marc Nuttle

Marc Nuttle is a lawyer, author, consultant, and businessman. He has represented and advised Presidents of the United States, leaders of foreign countries, state officials, and corporations. In this video, Marc discusses the globalist agenda of the "Great Reset", as well as the rise socialism and relativism in American culture. Marc believes the best course of action to combat these evil ideologies is to courageously speak the truth about them.

Courage Series #2 - Rick Joyner

Rick Joyner is the Founder and president of The Oak Initiative as well as Morningstar Ministries in Fort Mill, South Carolina. In this video, Rick talks about courage and the importance of courage in church, government, and our everyday lives.

Courage Series #1 - Janet Porter

Janet Porter, author of The Heartbeat Bill, joins Caleb Havanka in this critical moment of history to speak about the consequences of a liberal Senate and the criminalization of Christianity. Will you sit with those who are corrupt? Will you walk with the cowards or will you stand in courage?