Claire Koch Shares Her on the Ground Experience in Haiti.

Claire Koch, a fellow classmate of ours recently went to Haiti with Aerial Recovery Group to help serve the Haitian people in this time of crisis. This was her experience. 

To get involved in disaster relief or support Ariel Recovery Group, click the link below

Elaine Rensink & Daniel Sainnatus Discuss the Crisis in Haiti

Both Elaine and Daniel live in Haiti, and in this interview they share their firsthand experience of the disastrous impact an earthquake and hurricane recently left in Haiti, as well as the complex political situation there. They also share the mighty works God is doing in Haiti and the hope and vision they have for the nation's future.To check out Elaines ministry, click the link below

To check out Daniels ministry, click the link below

Earthquake + Hurricane Leaves Haiti in a State of Crisis

Jeremy Locke for Aerial Recovery explains the devastation in Haiti and how he and his team continue to provide relief and help to the Haitian people. Find out how you can help in the link below.

Exclusive Interview With Tami Fitzgerald About Non-Discrimination Bill

Executive Director of NC Values Coalition, Tami Fitzgerald, joins Lions Awaken for an exclusive interview to talk about the effects non-discrimination laws have on businesses and religious organizations. A non-discrimination bill recently passed in Charlotte NC where Fitzgerald actively fought against it. Check out this interview to learn about the dangers of this bill before it comes to your city or state.

Exclusive Interview With Don Brown About the Afghanistan Crisis

Author, Attorney and former U.S. Navy JAG Officer, Don Brown, joins Lions Awaken for an exclusive interview about the crisis in Afghanistan. In this interview, Brown shares his thoughts on who is to blame, why the U.S. pulled out from the country the way they did, what they should have done, legitimacy of the Taliban, and more